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Saturday, 08 October 2005



I am of course not relating the issue of quality to language. Even countries with very complex languages (like Finland and Hungary) could have been on number 1 and 2 in this ranking. I am however relating language to popularity or (in business language) to possible market shares of the international higher education market.

If we sort the same ranking table for the amount of international students (as a measure of international popularity), the numbers 1 to 6 contain 5 universities from the UK. Furthermore, the large language areas such as French and German, score better than the smaller ones.

I think that supports the hypothesis that increased opportunities for mobility (and that is made possible by Bologna) will favour the UK universities and to a lesser extent the large countries or language areas (French, German, Spanish and maybe Russian). Whether this is a short term effect or continues on the long run remains to be seen. However, I do think that universities in the small Nordic countries and the Netherlands will respond to this by increasing their number of programmes taught in English. Actually, they are already doing that...

Fernando Jiménez

El uso de un idioma en un programa de dirección va a ser una declaración de intenciones de la orientación que va a tener dicho programa. Un programa multicultural, que cuente con profesores y alumnos de diferentes paises, va a tener que impartirse en inglés. De otra forma limitará claramente la posibilidad de acceso tanto a profesores como a alumnos. Por su parte aquellos programas centrados "en la plaza", se deberán impartir en el idioma foráneo, ya que los posibles alumnos extrajeros si estarán interesados en perfeccionar el idioma y conocer la cultura del lugar donde van a desarrollar su actividad profesional.

Bajo mi punto de vista ambas prespectivas no son excluyentes ni mucho menos, sin embargo si parece que van a ser preeminentes los programas impartidos en inglés, dado que van a atender a un nicho de mercado más amplio y ofrecen una mayor empleabilidad a sus graduados.

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