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Tuesday, 04 October 2005



It is clear why the European Union can not finance the Bologna Proces in a direct way: it is simply not in charge of the process and education is not a field in which the EU has authority. It is probably due to this that the process is developing relatively smoothly. If the Commission would be in charge, it would probably be much more of a power game with all the connected political intrigues.

And even though countries have transfered some of their authority to this international agreement called Bologna, it is very unlikely that they want interference in the way they fund their higher education. Bologna will have a lot of positive effects on the European level. But fundamental issues like funding and quality will still be under authority of the member states. What it does however, is make the whole European jumble it bit more transparent so that different countries and different universities from different countries can learn from eachother.

Another thing is that if the students are really going to utilise the mobility opportunities that Bologna offers they will soon 'vote with their feet' and universities have to take their European competitors into account when setting up funding and quality policies.

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