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Friday, 06 January 2006


Zach Owens

Hello Señor Iñiguez,

Thank you for this very interesting post... You pose the question as "Which of the three approaches is most appealing to you?"

When stated in terms of which approach is appealing, I would hope that everyone conscientious enough to be reading this blog would agree that the Principled Approach is most appealing. It has roots in a romantic and lofty ideal that if you do good work and make socially responsible decisions, then long term profitability will come.

I have owned and worked for companies where I have seen this approach both succeed and fail. I believe that one of a business’s social responsibilities is to be based on a sound financial model. If a business cannot pay it’s debts, it’s employees and it’s owners there is a ripple affect negatively impacting society in many ways. I believe this social responsibility is equivalent to sound environmental practices, fair labor and trade rights, etc.

I personally feel that Milton Friedman’s approach of "the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits" when looked at with a narrow focus and disregard for employees, trade partners, the environment, etc. is a dangerous disease.

I’d be interested to read more about the Agnostic Approach. Do you have any links to publicly available resources?

Thanks Again,

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