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Thursday, 26 January 2006


Paul Jones

On good thing about e-learning is that if you loose the track of a thread of thought or explanation you can go back afterwards and catch up.

I know two who got a new job having put on their CV that they were studying for an on-line masters from one of the top busines schools. They were able to start a new job with a better salary and studied in the evenings. They don't have much time for a social life but they are not bored to tears in their jobs and dare I mention it, kept up with their mortgage payments.

It is hard to know about the quality of the course as they are not going to say it's low.

Zach Owens

I believe that an often overlooked benefit to e-learning is the student becoming familiar with and comfortable using advanced technology as a communication medium. As more and more companies large and small start doing business with remote partners, employees and customers it is increasingly more important that managers and executives are proficient in using the communication tools in this new "blended" world.


Excellent post and thanks for the references to The Economist / Fortune articles, will get them.

All content going digital, more and more devices with connectivity to easily access this content, and communication costs going down so we can contribute and share opinions really fast... with people who we do not necessarily know. More than 70% of my meetings take place online. Imagine when connectivity becomes as available as electricity, when TV & mobile devices really become the entry point to the digital world.

We are lucky to be living this revolution, to be living blended lives!

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