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Wednesday, 26 April 2006


Der Chao Chen

Why does Europe not learn from Australia's experience on higher education? Australia unviersities form IDP and set up offices around the world to promote Austrlais educations.

I think it's a good shot for Europe, with its diversity it can provide more than educational learning but embedded in Europe's history and culture.

Richard Edelstein

The most interesting thing about Europe is it's rich diversity of countries and cultures. Any "branding" of European Higher Education would have to draw on the attractiveness of the mix of nations and cultures in close proximity rather than some elusive references to things European. This would require close collaboration between the European Union and individual country governments and a two pronged effort that includes a promotion of Europe on the one hand and individual countries on the other. Finally, marketing alone is insufficient. Individual universities and national education systems need to deliver high quality international student services that insure a successful and positive educational experience. At the moment, few European countries deliver these services as well as the U.S. and Australia.

Der Chao Chen

Yes, "marketing alone is not enough"-Richard's comment shows one important thing. It's not enough to have English programme to seek more foreign students, it is necessary to treat this non-European students as normal as posisble. Student service, as the example, needs to treat as fair as possible to foreign students, no unnecessary information asymmetry between local and international student, and faculty support those non-Europe students as local ones.

Marketing is just a beginning and needs the full support behind the scense.

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