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Tuesday, 30 May 2006


Fernando Jiménez

Under my point of view there is another important way to improve the situation of these countries. Help governments to design an develop efficients politics, working side by side with top administration levels taking the role of consulting-moderator of the public affairs.


Whitout an effective packet of policies in the countries of origin of immigration, this will never cease. We have to start creating richness and employ in african countries. As long we focus in protecting our borders we wont get any advantage.
As you mentioned, education is the definitive point to solve immigration. But also is true there is a lot of well prepared young people in Africa who are working as supermarket guys in Occident.

Yann Lechelle

We just celebrated our 5yr post-MBA alumni reunion @ INSEAD.

As part of this reunion, our class MBA'01J joined the class of MBA'75 to build up funds for the Nelson Mandela Scholarship.

Here is some info about this scholarship:

"The class of 1975 created in October 2005, on the occasion of their 30th class reunion, a new INSEAD scholarship fund honouring the life of the former president Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Nelson Mandela himself has given his full backing to the project and has allowed it to be named after him. Indeed Mandela commented: “Sound management education can harness Africa’s entrepreneurial culture. I embrace INSEAD’s academic rigour and diversity, which will equip our scholars with the right management skills to drive Africa’s economic development. My hope and belief is that they will inspire a strong, globally integrated Africa”.
The INSEAD Nelson Mandela Scholarship shall provide, in perpetuity, financial support for one or more candidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in each MBA class at INSEAD. Recipients of the Scholarships shall be nationals of a sub-Saharan African country who have spent the substantial part of their lives and received the substantial part of their prior education in Africa. The first Nelson Mandela Scholarship award will be made for the August 2006 intake.

Scholarships will be awarded by INSEAD in accordance with its customary procedures. INSEAD shall determine for each MBA class the number and the amounts of individual Scholarships, which may be unequal, on the basis of available income, the number of qualified candidates, relative need and other considerations. It is expected that the Scholarships will ordinarily cover a significant part, but not all, of the total cost of a student’s participation in the INSEAD MBA Program, with the balance to come from the student’s own resources and/or other sources of financial assistance.

However, in an appropriate case, INSEAD may in its discretion award a Scholarship sufficient to cover the full expenses of the MBA Program, including tuition, fees, room and board, and incidental expenses."

The class committee in charge of deciding where to redirect our class donations chose this minority scholarship against a range of other options, including research & infrastructure.

A recent article "Who's winning China's talent war?" illustrates how Chinese "sea turtles" obtained their education abroad and are now returning and making a difference locally. I can see that happening in Africa too, sooner rather than later.

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