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Friday, 18 August 2006


Rita Wilhelm

You might find this study interesting:


Americans Will Punish Bad Corporate Behavior

While support of social issues can improve trust in a company, Cone’s research also shows that Americans stand ready to act against companies that behave illegally or unethically. The consequences for business can be devastating and long-term – those surveyed would be likely to respond in a variety of ways if they were to find out about a company’s negative practices:

• Consider switching to another company’s products or services (90%)
• Speak out against that company among my family and friends (81%)
• Consider selling my investment in that company’s stock (80%)
• Refuse to invest in that company’s stock (80%)
• Refuse to work at that company (75%)
• Boycott that company’s products or services (73%)
• Be less loyal to my job at that company (67%)

Cone’s research shows that while communicating support for social issues is impactful, Americans value other positive corporate actions even more:

• Quality of products and services (98%)
• Fair-priced products and services (97%)
• Employee benefits (93%)
• Laws and regulations (93%)
• Human rights and manufacturing (93%)
• Support of a social issue (80%)

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