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Friday, 22 September 2006


Very useful this report because we can know more about how the process is seen by the students. I am afraid the Bologna Process can be converted in a mere bureaucratic debate among the universities and the public administration inside each state, and we can not forget that the students are the main part of the process.

It is very curious one of the major findings of the report: in those countries where current awareness among students is limited, the expectations of the positive influence of the process is higher than those countries where knowledge about Bologna is more widespread. What does it mean? Maybe, the essence of the Bologna Accord is not being translated in the implementation of the process or, at the end, the students do not perceived it.

In fact, many universities are worried about the process and understand that they have more to loose than to win, in terms of number of students or the investment required. How can we change this opinion among those universities? Once they realize the great opportunities behind the process, will be easier to improve the students opinions.

Ramón Gurriarán
CEU University

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