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Wednesday, 08 March 2006



This time, I definitely agree with Dean Iniguez.
I’m participating in an MBA program, with the perspective of going back to my previous employer.
The MBA is really my “grand tour” and my choice for B-school was based on the diversity of the program (nationalities on campus, exchange in other country, etc).
On this aspect, I think that online/virtual MBA programs are at lightyear distance from presential MBAs; however, many b-schools (including IE) are investing on online platforms, de-emphasizing the importance of “live” experience. Do you think that an online MBA is really an MBA?


I am sure online MBA lacks "experience" Dean Iniquez is talking about. However, online MBA is task #1 to accomplish by any business school in order to stay competitive: they are cheaper, more flexible for all concerned, they are much more affordable! I am planning to apply for an MBA program coming summer, it will probably be an online program. I know what is to study online - I got my BS in management online. It fit me well though I lacked communication with professors and classmates.

For me a combination of online lectures and real-life seminars with gurus, workshops, conferences, term papers presentation, internships (twice or three times a year) can significantly improve the programs.

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